Welcome to your Sea Change Pilates Online Class Membership!
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Our exclusive Online Membership has so much to offer! For only $10/week (2 cups of coffee), you have access to a wide range of classes for all levels, a structured 'weekly online program' to keep you accountable to your training, as well as the opportunity to join us as we travel around Australia from April 2021. Whether you are short of time, travelling frequently or simply prefer to workout in your own time at home, this Online Membership is the perfect option for you.

What does the Online Membership Include?

New to Pilates - This section of our Online Library is great for our beginners, as well as those who are more familiar with Pilates and are keen to drill down on their technique and 'bring it back to basics'. These exercise explanation videos are a great way to learn the fundamental skills and exercises that you will find in the Sea Change Online Classes. 

Weekly Online Program - Finding a routine is key for a healthy, happy and well balanced life. I have always encouraged my Clients to plan their week in advance, write down their schedule and tick things off as they go. This is a great way to feel a sense of accomplishment and stay motivated to strive for your goals, in all areas of life!


Our Weekly Online Program is designed in weekly blocks, each week includes 5 - 6 classes of various lengths and styles. These classes include Mat Pilates, Stretch, HIIT and Muscle Specific workouts. You are guaranteed to feel some incredible changes within your body if you stick to these weekly plans. 


Pilates on the Road - April 2021 saw the start of my travels around the coastline of Australia. Each week there will be new classes available for you to access anytime, anywhere, filmed at various locations around the coast. I am so excited to have the opportunity to share my journey with you and offer some really fun and exciting classes in some beautiful locations! There will be 3 new classes uploaded to the 'Plates on the Road' page every week and these classes are also included in the Online Weekly Program.

Pre-recorded 40-50min Classes - These longer classes are a great option for those who have time to enjoy a full length class. A lot of these classes require a few small pieces of equipment, such as a long (90cm) foam roller, a stretch band of some kind as well as a 'booty band'. You will notice that I use the Pilates Magic Circle as this is a really versatile piece of equipment. These classes are suitable for all levels, however if you're new to Pilates, I'd recommend you start with our 'New to Pilates' program before you give these longer, more challenging classes a go!

Reformer ClassesThere are a handful of Reformer Classes available online, so if you have access to a Reformer you can enjoy these classes too. 

How to sign up to the Online Membership:

1. CLICK HERE to Sign Up as a Member to Sea Change Pilates

2. Once signed up as a Member, head to the PLANS AND PRICING page

3. Click on the service ONLINE MEMBERS HIP to begin your 7 Day Free Trial and explore the Online Membership or purchase 3 months up front for $100.

You can cancel your membership any time. There are no lock in contracts.


You are welcome to jump online, sign up as a member and enjoy 7 Days Free. If you're keen to stay on board, it costs $10/week and you can cancel any time. Alternately, if you know you'll love it, sign up for 3 months up front and pay just $100 - which is just $8/week. 

I look forward to seeing you online soon! Gen xx